Wants vs. Needs

After making the decision to remodel, the next step is to determine your list of needs, wants and desires. Remodeling needs are considerations related to functionality or safety and health. For example, you might need new cabinets, countertops and flooring in your kitchen.  Or perhaps you need to open up your floor plan to make your home more accessible, or to eliminate steps that create a potential trip hazard, or to replace carpeting with alternative flooring for allergy remediation. Wants include elements you definitely want the new space to have.  Perhaps you know you want your new countertops to be granite or quartz.  You might know you want the kitchen soffits removed and the wall cabinets to go up to the ceiling.  Desires are everything else on your dream list! Perhaps you would love to have a heated floor or other luxuries if the budget allows.  Even if you have a long list of wants and you can’t imagine that there’s one cohesive design that can accommodate them all, it’s important to share all your thoughts with your Excel designer. This gives us the most accurate portrayal of your vision, and often we are able to find creative ways to incorporate your wishes into a comprehensive design that’s just right for you and your home.

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