Kitchen Trends

Kitchen Trends
The Transitional style of this kitchen features clean lines and and a sleek design.

Transitional Style

Kitchen trends in remodeling right now include the popular Transitional style featuring clean lines and less ornamentation. Character and customization are often introduced in this style through varying textures or finishes, including two or more cabinet colors/finishes in the same kitchen (often in a light/dark combo), or different countertops for islands and the perimeter, varying in both color and material.

Functionality & Customization

Other current kitchen trends maximize functionality and customize the use of the space to the homeowner. Examples of this include specific pullouts, tilt-outs and revolving trays for ease of storage, trash and recycling; built-in coffee stations, wet bars and wine refrigerators; and even pet spaces with built-in feeding stations. At Excel Interior Concepts & Construction, we work with you to design the kitchen that best appeals to your style and fits your lifestyle. Our portfolio of work includes many examples of unique customization for our clients, and your initial consultation with us always begins with a personal visit to your home and conversation. Through this process, we are able to design a kitchen that is expertly customized to your style and needs. Ready to get started? Here’s a helpful list of Things To Consider.

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