Contactless Construction

Enhanced Health & Safety Protocols

The safety of our clients, employees, and coworkers is of utmost importance. Therefore, Excel Remodeling will implement enhanced cleaning and preventative measures while working on your project. We respectfully ask that you adhere to these guidelines for the safety of all involved.

Symptoms/Illness: If anyone in your household is showing any symptoms of COVID-19, please notify us immediately.  We may need to reschedule your project or suspend work on it while your family recovers.  Likewise, if an Excel employee becomes sick with COVID-19 symptoms, he/she is instructed to stay home and not risk coming to your home and infecting others.  These symptoms include:

  • Coughing;
  • Fever;
  • Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing; and
  • Early symptoms such as chills, body aches, sore throat, headache, diarrhea, nausea/vomiting, and runny nose.

Work Area: Please respect “social distance” with anyone working in your home and maintain a 6’ distance wherever possible. Excel would like the work area to be separate from your living area as much as possible, so we ask that you limit your visits to the worksite while our crew is working in it. Please wear a mask and gloves for your protection if you need to enter the work area. Also, please do not invite other visitors into the work area. We’d love for you to show off your beautiful home project to others, but only after we are complete!

Cleaning: Excel will sanitize frequently touched surfaces at the start and at the conclusion of the work day (see our comprehensive Prevention, Preparedness and Response Plan below for more detail on our cleaning and protective measures)

Additional Measures: If you would like us to take any additional measures, please relate these to us during the preconstruction meeting. Zoom meetings are available if you prefer a video-conference style meeting instead of in person.

Thank you. We appreciate your business and we look forward to working with you to keep your home safe and healthy.

Excel Remodeling COVID-19 Exposure Prevention, Preparedness & Response Plan

I.       Responsibilities of Managers and Lead Carpenters

All managers and lead carpenters are familiar with this Plan and ready to answer questions and practice good personal hygiene and jobsite safety practices. Managers and leads will encourage this same behavior from all employees and subcontractors.

II.      Responsibilities of Employees

Excel Remodeling has instituted various housekeeping, social distancing, and other best practices to be followed by all employees. In addition, employees are expected to report to their managers or supervisors if they are experiencing signs or symptoms of COVID-19, as described below.

OSHA and the CDC have provided the following control and preventative guidance to all workers, regardless of exposure risk:

  • Frequently wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. When soap and running water are unavailable, use an alcohol-based hand rub with at least 60% alcohol.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Follow appropriate respiratory etiquette, which includes covering for coughs and sneezes.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

In addition, employees are familiarized with the symptoms of COVID-19:

  • Coughing;
  • Fever;
  • Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing; and
  • Early symptoms such as chills, body aches, sore throat, headache, diarrhea, nausea/vomiting, and runny nose.

III.       COVID-19 Exposure Situations

  • Employee Exhibiting COVID-19 Symptoms

If an employee exhibits COVID-19 symptoms, the employee must remain at home until he or she is symptom free for 72 hours (3 full days) without the use of fever-reducing or other symptom-altering medicines (e.g., cough suppressants). The Company will similarly require an employee that reports to work with symptoms to return home until they are symptom free for 72 hour (3 full days).

  • Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19

An employee that tests positive for COVID-19 will be directed to self-quarantine away from work. Employees that test positive and are symptom free may return to work when at least seven (7) days have passed since the date of his or her first positive test, and have not had a subsequent illness. Employees that test positive and are directed to care for themselves at home may return to work when: (1) at least 72 hours (3 full days) have passed since recovery* and (2) at least seven (7) days have passed since symptoms first appeared. Employees that test positive and have been hospitalized may return to work when directed to do so by their medical care provider. The Company will require an employee to provide documentation (a note from the doctor) clearing their return to work.

*Recovery is defined as:  (1) resolution of fever with the use of fever-reducing medications; and (2) improvement in respiratory symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath).

  • Employee Has Close Contact with a Tested Positive COVID-19 Individual

Employees that have come into close contact with a confirmed-positive COVID-19 individual (co-worker or otherwise), will be directed to self-quarantine for 14 days from the last date of close contact with the carrier.  Close contact is defined as six (6) feet for a prolonged period of time.

IV.     JOB SITE Protective Measures / Cleaning

The Company has instituted the following protective measures at all jobsites.

  • General Safety Policies and Rules Excel team members will have a kit with the following in their vehicle:
  1. Hand sanitizer
  2. Clorox/cleaning wipes OR disinfectant spray/paper towels for cleaning hands, opening doors, wiping down high-touch surfaces, etc.
  3. Garbage bags to dispose of dirty gloves/tissues/wipes
  4. Disposable gloves
  5. Masks
  • Any employee/contractor/visitor showing symptoms of COVID-19 will be asked to leave the jobsite and return home.
  • Meetings, if needed will be performed via videoconference where possible. During any necessary in-person meetings, groups should be limited to five (5) or less and participants must remain at least six (6) feet apart.
  • Employees must avoid physical contact with others and direct employees/contractors/visitors to increase personal space to at least six (6) feet, where possible.
  • Employees will be encouraged to respect social distance guidelines during lunch and breaks.
  • Excel understands that due to the nature of our work, access to running water for hand washing may be impracticable. In these situations, Excel will provide alcohol-based hand sanitizers and/or wipes.
  • Employees will limit sharing tools and equipment. To the extent tools must be shared, Excel will provide disinfectant wipes to clean tools before and after use.
  • Employees are encouraged to limit the need for N95 respirator use, by using engineering and work practice controls to minimize dust. Such controls include the use of water delivery and dust collection systems, as well as limiting exposure time. Other masks may be appropriate and utilized (to be determined based on national/state guidelines.)
  • Employees are encouraged to minimize ride-sharing. While in vehicle, employees must ensure adequate ventilation.
  • If there is a change of operator on a vehicle, the employee should wipe down the controls and door handles before using the vehicle.
  • Subcontractors are expected to know the signs of COVID-19 and stay home if they are sick or exhibiting any symptoms.
  • Outside exposure: It is recommended to limit exposure in public areas such as building suppliers, gas stations, and at food vendors. Utilize distancing and disinfecting to limit exposure.
  1. Workers entering Occupied Building and Homes
  • At Pre-construction meetings, if deemed appropriate, Excel will wear masks and gloves.
  • Evaluate the specific hazards to each jobsite when determining best practices related to COVID-19.Efforts will be made to separate the part of the home under construction.  Customers will be made aware of our precautions and are requested to respect our social distance protocol and limit visits to the work area.
  • Employees must sanitize frequently touched surfaces upon arrival and before departure, including bathroom area used during the day.
  • If a client comes into the work area, they should wear mask and gloves.
  • Employees should ask other occupants to keep a personal distance of six (6) feet at a minimum. Workers should wash or sanitize hands immediately before starting and after completing the work.
  • If an employee has tested positive for COVID-19, Excel will clean those areas of the jobsite that a confirmed-positive individual may have come into contact with before employees can access that work space again.

Excel will ensure that any disinfection shall be conducted using one of the following:

  • Common EPA-registered household disinfectant;
  • Alcohol solution with at least 60% alcohol; or
  • Diluted household bleach solutions (these can be used if appropriate for the surface).
  1. Job Site Visitors
  • The number of visitors to the job site will be limited to only those necessary for the work. Others will respectfully be asked to leave the work area.
  • Excel employees will use the store’s will-call or pick-up feature if available to help limit possible exposure. If they need to go into the store, they will wear mask and gloves and use hand sanitizer when returning to vehicle.
  1. Personal Protective Equipment and Work Practice Controls

In addition to regular PPE for workers engaged in various tasks (fall protection, hard hats, hearing protection), Excel will also provide:

  • Gloves: Gloves should be worn when entering any stores or off-site activities. When doing initial cleaning and final cleanup each day, gloves should be worn.
  • Masks: If any employee, client, or subcontractor wants to wear a mask, they are encouraged to do so. Employees should wear N95 respirators if required by the work and if available.
  • Due to the current shortage of N95 respirators, the following Work Practice Controls should be followed:
  • Keep dust down by using engineering and work practice controls, specifically through the use of water delivery and dust collection systems.
  • Limit exposure time to the extent practicable.
  • Isolate workers in dusty operations by using a containment structure or distance to limit dust exposure to those employees who are conducting the tasks, thereby protecting nonessential workers and bystanders.
  • Perform extra cleaning to reduce dust levels on the jobsite.

V.      GENERAL OFFICE PRACTICES Protective Measures / Cleaning

  • High-touch surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected frequently using products that meet EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2 external icon, and are appropriate for the surface.
  • Hand sanitizer will always be at the front door display, presentation desk and on each employee desk. The kitchen and each bathroom will always have disinfecting wipes.
  • Sales reps and other vendors must maintain physical distancing. They should wear a mask and gloves as needed if touching showroom product.

VI.     DESIGN PROCESS Protective Measures / Cleaning

Every design will have a kit with the following in their vehicle:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Clorox/cleaning wipes OR disinfectant spray/paper towels.
  • Garbage bags to dispose of dirty gloves/tissues/wipes
  • Disposable gloves
  • Masks

Prior to home visit:

  • Consider having a virtual meeting prior to the home visit.
  • Confirm that you and the client are not sick and have been symptom free for 72 hours (3 full days) and have not had close contact with someone with COVID-19 within the past 14 days.
  • Share our COVID-19 protocol with client. Ask if they have any questions or concerns.  Would  they like us to wear masks and gloves for the meeting?  Or inform them that you will be wearing masks and gloves.
  • Ask client to contact you if they get symptoms or are diagnosed with COVID-19 before meeting, or within 14 days after meeting with us.

Home Visits:

  • Before entering anyone’s home, sanitize your hands so you don’t bring germs in.
  • Social Distancing during visit: Try to keep as much space between you and the person as you can during the home visit (CDC recommends 6 ft.). Acknowledge that this may be different from how you regularly work together.
  • Masks:
    • Wear mask if desired. Offer to wear mask if client would be more comfortable, if client is wearing one or if you have seasonal allergies that could be perceived as possible contagion
    • If client is coughing or says they have a fever, leave and reschedule the meeting after they are symptom free for 72 hours.
  • Gloves: wear gloves if desired, and have a plastic bag to dispose of gloves/wipes at end of meeting.
  • Use hand sanitizer or wipes immediately after visit.
  • At end of your workday, immediately change your clothes and wash them before wearing again.


  • Clean presentation area & samples prior to appointment.
  • Ask client to use hand sanitizer upon entering the showroom.
  • Have one clean pen for client to use. Don’t share pens. Don’t have excessive number of pens.
  • Maintain social distancing in the Showroom.
    • If client can go upstairs, use upstairs conference table and TV screen to project drawings.
    • If client is unable to go upstairs, client can sit at presentation desk, but designer should keep as much distance as possible (6 feet or more).
  • If looking through samples in the showroom, hand sanitize before and after. Offer mask and/or gloves to client if they would like, or as needed. Dispose of mask and gloves at conclusion of meeting.
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