Home Is Your Haven

We are living through interesting times right now, and more than ever, our homes are our haven. Always a place of warmth, respite and celebration, our homes are now taking on added importance as many of us work from our homes, and all of us spend a significantly increased amount of time in our homes. This extended amount of time in the home has also brought a focus on home projects and evaluation of improvements and aspirations for our spaces. At Excel Remodeling, we are adapting and implementing changes to help you make the most of your home during these times, too! Our designers are available for phone calls and virtual consultations now, and when we return to active remodeling, we will be implementing a “contactless” construction process. Meanwhile, here are some considerations to help you move from dreaming to designing!


Functional Spaces:
A simplified space reduces stress. Clean and clear out clutter in functional spaces first like your mudroom or pantry. As you declutter, think about your ideal use for the space. Mudrooms provide an ideal spot to remove shoes, hang up jackets and even wash your hands in a utility sink before entering the living space of your home. Even if your home is not currently configured for this type of space, we can evaluate your layout and determine how to create some dedicated space for such a need.

Staying in has necessitated eating in with much more regularity than some families were used to, and also a renewed interest in baking and cooking. This has brought about some frustrations with existing kitchen layouts for some as they find their cooking space ill-equipped for their needs. Whether you are looking for more storage or surface prep area, or increased seating, or new and different appliances, there’s never been a better time to plan to revamp the heart of your home! A feature gaining in popularity during the current circumstances is the incorporation of touchless faucets in kitchens to prevent direct handling of the fixture after hand washing. Already a popular choice for countertops, quartz also has advantages as it is non-porous and easy to clean.

Within the home, our master bathroom can provide a place of sanctuary and escape. Soaking tubs and luxurious walk-in showers with multiple faucet features can provide a soothing, spa-like environment and soothing colors and personalized design features offer a retreat from the world thats tailored just for you. From showerheads, shower benches and towel/grab bars placed at exactly the right height, to built-in hair dryers, seating areas and custom stained glass windows, Excel has the design expertise and experienced craftsmen to create your dream master bath escape.

Home Offices:
Most of us have some type of existing home “office” space – even if it’s a computer desk in a spare bedroom or a desk area in our kitchen. Now, however, as the home has become more integral to work and school operations, some families are looking to create a more dedicated and personalized space for working. We can help you evaluate your current floor plan and design to your needs – whether that includes custom cabinetry, built-in seating, acoustical and electrical considerations, or storage solutions.

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