As a Design Assistant, you will assist and learn from Designers as you prepare to become a Designer. You must become proficient in all aspects of residential construction, utilizing Excel’s systems and resources as you prepare for your career as an Excel Designer. You will receive salary, bonuses and benefits. This is an entry-level position, and you will be training to become a successful Excel Designer.

Your duties will include the following:

  • Programming and space planning.
  • Designing and drafting via CAD.
  • Assisting with showroom coverage and client relations.
  • Meeting with clients in their homes and in the showroom.
  • Taking accurate field measurements.
  • Participating in all company activities and meetings that involve the Designers.
  • Keeping product catalogs, literature and price sheets up-to-date.
  • Obtaining quotes for products, materials and subcontractors.
  • Researching new products.
  • Assist with cost estimating of remodeling projects and room additions.
  • Reviewing proposals and specifications, preparing drawings, and preparing for client presentations.
  • Specifying colors, patterns, and products to be used in projects.
  • Working with clients to make selections.
  • Assisting with ordering materials for projects.
  • Executing Addendums.
  • Customer service and helping answer clients’ questions.
  • Approving and reviewing invoices.
  • Evaluating estimates versus actual costs.
  • Writing invoices.
  • Arranging for photos of projects.
  • Creating a portfolio of projects with before and after photos and design statements.
  • Entering design/remodeling contests.
  • Staying current with design trends and new products.

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