The goal of the Lead Carpenter is to be Excel’s on-site manager of the construction job. The Lead Carpenter’s performance is extremely important to the success of our company. The quality of your work, your ability to complete jobs on time, and the appearance of your job site reflect strongly on you and our company.

The Lead Carpenter is responsible for: The construction of plans and specifications contained in the job folder with high quality workmanship while keeping projects on time and under budget. This includes knowing and understanding all job paperwork; including plans, specifications, and change orders.

Helping trade contractors resolve layout problems, ensure trade contractors proper performance and ensure timely inspections are made on their work. It is also the Lead Carpenter’s responsibility to ensure all trade contractors adhere to all Company policies concerning safety, cleanliness, smoking, alcohol, drug use, and customer consideration.

Checking all material delivered to the job site for accuracy in quantity and measurement, and for damage. The Lead Carpenter is also responsible for ordering any material needed for the job on a timely basis so that the material may be delivered to the job by supplier or picked up by the Assistant Construction Manager consistent with project schedule.

Completing an accurate time sheet on a weekly basis. The time sheet will include name, week ending date and hours worked on individual jobs broken down by task for each day. The Lead Carpenter is responsible for turning in the time sheet to the Operations Manager by 8:00 a.m. each Tuesday.

The security of the job which includes protecting the client’s property, setting up a “safe place” for re-used and delivered material, and securing all equipment and materials each night.

Ensuring an adequate dust protection system and maintaining a clean work site. This includes cleaning the job site daily (broom-clean) and seeing that trash is properly stored or hauled away at least once a week.

Maintaining a professional job site that includes no smoking inside the client’s home, abusive language, loud music, alcohol or illegal drugs, and a positive attitude toward the customer, project, company and the company’s policies.

Coordinating any minor changes that occur on the project. All major changes must be referred to the Construction Manager or Designer before extra work is started.

Job safety for both the client and workers. Hard hats, safety goggles, and steel-toed work shoes should be worn where and when necessary. Inform the Construction Manager of any unsafe conditions.

Operating within the policies and values of the Company and maintaining consistency between verbal promises and written agreements.

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