Camp Hill, PA

Any addition is about transforming the footprint of your home to significantly add or enhance your living space. It is always an opportunity to customize your home for your needs and personality, and this is one project which certainly accomplished both of those objectives in a memorable way! Wanting to stay in her home as she gets older, this home owner sought to proactively address some accessibility issues. Specifically, she wanted to add an elevator that would be wide enough fora  wheelchair and would give her access to all three levels of her home. Since her favorite color is purple, she wanted the new addition Рwhich also includes a powder room, access hallways and remodeled outdoor deck space Рto feature the color in unique and interesting ways. From the purple cabinetry in the powder room, to the purple tile floor with purple glass tile accents, to the purple painted walls and purple tempered glass outdoor railings, the space was completely custom-designed, not just for functionality, but also for her happiness.