Here are examples of how we’ve transformed the living spaces of many homes. Whether you need a home addition, a bathroom design or kitchen remodeling, Excel Remodeling can make your vision come to life!

Kitchen Remodeling

Every kitchen is a unique space. From cozy to spacious, we have the expertise to make sure your kitchen has a beautiful, functional design that you’ll love for years to come.

Specialty Remodels / Custom Builds

There is no feeling like creating a custom space – for living or working. Excel will work with you on your specialty remodel or custom new build design, to ensure that your space is a reflection of your vision.

Accessible Design

Accessibility doesn’t just improve the safety of a home; it also improves the comfort of everyone who lives there. We can modify your home to make it more accessible for you and your loved ones.

Aging in Place

You’ve created a home, and you want to remain there as long as you can. Excel will work with you to remodel your spaces, fostering an environment that’s comfortable, safe, functional and beautiful.